Modern Liberalism's Sales Pitch

by Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D.

The last 100 plus years or so have surely been the era of collectivism in all of its variations: socialism, communism and fascism in Europe and Asia, theocracies in the Middle East, and now 21st Century Liberalism in America. In the name of such eternally vague slogans as "social justice," "egalitarianism" and "progressive causes," collectivist ideologies are continuing to seduce citizens and attack freedom on every continent.  Even the 19th and early 20th Centuries' progressive movement, which originally championed real liberties for individuals (especially women), has long since taken up the banner of collectivism despite the latter's destructive effects. Why does collectivism still appeal? What is modern Liberalism's sales pitch?

The answer is quite straightforward. In its campaign rhetoric and policy platforms, modern liberalism is still selling what it has always sold: utopian promises for whiny adult children. As a member of this group, you have one important duty: empower liberal politicians by giving them your votes and your money. In return, they promise to provide whatever you want and eliminate whatever you don't want. This is the ongoing promise of Liberal Land, the day care center of contemporary collectivism.

You want health care? No problem. Just label it a need, and you will get it, because you must have what you need, and the government must therefore give it to you. It doesn't matter if you can't afford your own health care. Modern liberals gladly promise it to you anyway -- at someone else's expense.

You want a college education but your grades aren't good enough? No problem. With affirmative action, liberals first label your desire a need, then see to it that you get unearned access to a college while someone more qualified than you gets bumped.

You want a job, but you have fewer skills than your competitors? No problem. With affirmative action, liberals declare your desire a need. The liberal agenda then gets you a job at the expense of someone with more skills than you have.

Can't get a mortgage loan because your credit is bad or your job doesn't pay enough? No problem. You need a mortgage, so liberal lawyers will tell any lender who refuses you he's redlining. You get your mortgage even if you can't afford it – because you need it.

Can't pay for your mortgage, now that you have it? No problem. Liberals promise to bail you out by putting a moratorium on mortgage foreclosures and a freeze on interest rates. You need relief.

April 2008